Call for Entry:

      Small Pieces of Mind ​is an International juried online art exhibition. It is the goal of ​Small Pieces of Mind​ to act as a distribution hub bringing fine art to our nation’s front line workers. In this time of uncertainty it has become clear to the world, in our darkest hours it is the artist that carries the light. From constant binge streaming to our favorite musicians performing living room concerts,it is the artist that has been our nation's mental life raft.

      Small Pieces of Mind is a non-profit art exhibition that ​hopes to bring that comfort directly to those acting as our physical life raft, those in the Medical, Retail, and Service Industries. Our goal is to uplift. With that in mind some image restrictions do apply. This is to say images focusing on the negatives in life will not be accepted. Though one job of the artist is to document the political, social, and ecological climate of their time, this specific exhibition was created to focus on the things worth fighting for: love, joy, nature, beauty, and so, so much more. Any image that follow these guidelines will be accepted into the exhibition and a high quality scan of the piece will be posted in our online gallery. Every quarter one piece will be awarded Best of (that quarter), with two runner up awards assigned as well. 

      Due to the needs of large scale distribution this is a 2 dimensional show, photography, print, and drawings will all be accepted. There are two acceptable size categories: 8”x10” and 11”x15”. Please no framed pieces. Pieces will be shipped to curator Jonathan Purdy. From there they will be documented and shipped to one of the participating medical centers in Denver, Colorado Springs, Sioux Falls, Madison, New York, and several small towns across the US. Or you can choose to have them shipped to grocers across the nation. The list has no top end, if a participant knows of a hospital or doctors office that would like to participate please send contact information to Mr. Purdy and it will be added to our distribution list.   

     The entrance fee is $7.50, artists may enter/donate up to 10 unframed pieces for $7.50, there is no limit to the number of entrance fees that may be paid. All pieces accepted into ​Small Pieces of Mind​ are donations, artists will receive no monetary compensations.  Postage to our distribution point is paid for by the artist, from there all packaging and shipping is covered by your entrance fee.  As this is a non-profit exhibition any excess netted from entrance fees will be added the Vermilion Optimist International Club, to be used in the creation of free summer print programs for Junior High and High-school students. For more on Optimist International please visit our website:

      All pieces will be held in quarantine at distribution center for two weeks before being shipped to recipients.  Artist maintains all rights to their work, but may be used to advertise show, and shown publicly by Small Pieces of Mind, and Curator Jonathan Purdy.

About the Juror:

      Jonathan Purdy is in his last semester of MFA Candidacy at the University of South Dakota, with an emphasis in Printmaking.  He earned his BA in Painting at the University of Northern Iowa.  In his career as an artist he has curated four exhibitions and been juror for two.  The most recent exhibition he curated and judged Project Ms.: Assembled Reformation was a National exhibition with 50 participants and 3,000 dollars in Purchase and Award funds.  He has been featured in The Volante, The Cedar Falls Waterloo Courier, and 2020 McClain's Catalogue.  In 2019 Purdy became President Elect of the Vermillion chapter of Optimist International, acting as an advisor in OI's expansion into Fine Arts scholarship.

How to Enter:

To enter email Jonathan Purdy at:, with subject line Small Pieces of Mind.  Attach up to ten images in JPEG format.  Payment is not due until pieces have been accepted.  Upon acceptance to the exhibition payment will be taken one of two ways: paypal, or a check sent with the pieces.  If accepted further instruction on sending paypal payment will be emailed to the artist, as well as the address of our distribution center.