Digital NFT Art

The Game I Play

I am a printmaker, my process, through it's very existence, creates layers that will never be seen IRL.  Hence my excitement to learn about NFT's!

  • 1st Layer: Caran D'ache and gouche Watercolor Painting, this layer is the original message.  This first layer is sold for .01 ETH.  

  • 2nd Layer: I redact the information with a layer of color, indicating the emotional response we all get when we read something on social media. This layer sells for .02 ETH

  • 3rd and 4th Layers:  These layers are black and white.  The black layer indicates the redaction that happens at the Governmental level (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc).  The White is the whitewashing of emotions, as a male in the Midwest we are all told to hide our emotion, hence the use of white as redaction of the emotional layer.  This is the final stage of the print and is sold for .025 Eth.

  • Finally I digitally combine and hybredize prints with one another, these are the final state of the NFT.  They sell for .035 ETH.