CryptoMifflins of The Office

10% of all primary sales and 7% of all secondary sales are donated to LIDE Haiti annually, with $2,000 in donations to date.
The CryptoMifflins toil day in and day out selling paper. Forty hours, that's the America work week! It doesn't matter who owns the company, they give it their best no matter what. Even though they only work together, how long does it take for a coworker to become a friend, maybe even family. If you watch these CryptoMifflins you'll find the answer, about 201 days.
To commemorate their efforts there are Two Seasons of 201 CryptoMifflins to collect!
100 Common 70 Uncommon 30 Rare 1 Ultra Rare. There are still 3 Spin-Off Collection to come, each with 15 Rares. Their bio's say it all, from birthdays to weddings, from joy to loss, from 9 till 5 these are the people you'll want to spend your days with!